T3 micro switch

Encapsulated snap-action switch. Stainless steel casing. Inert gas filled switching chamber. Gold plated silver contacts. Mounting holes for M2 screws.



IP code rating


Max current


Mechanical cycles


MIL approval




Specialized in electro technical micro switches, sub-assemblies and equipment designed to operate in the most constraining environments. The products are tailored to your needs and are sealed and designed to withstand shock, severe climate and electromagnetic interference.
Petercem is today a worldwide leader for electro technical switch, measurement and detection solutions in its market: Nuclear, aeronautic, military, traction and energy.
Confronted with the evolution of the markets and the complexity of the international economic context, we continue to evolve! Our priority is and must remain customer satisfaction by the quality of our products and services.
We will invest in innovation and in risk anticipation making sure that our industrial choices are safe. Petercem wants and must rely on development of new products to offer innovative solutions with high added value to our customers.
Innovation and the developments are also deployed through modernization of our industrial tool. We will continue the Lean policy and at all levels the company will question itself by supporting the teams.
Safety is one of our major preoccupations internally as well as for our customers. We supply products using equipment where the safety of all is at stake.