P126 Contactor for PCB mount

With PCB mounting, you can save on costs when cables and connectors are minimized or completely eliminated. Still, the contactor is hermetically sealed and developed according to UL1604 and IP67 as well as RoHS and CE. Flame retardant according to SAE J1171 and ISO8846. Mounting is possible in all directions for easy installation. GIGAVAC´s MiniTACTOR™ series of power contactors are small, lightweight and cost effective. P125 (30A) is now updated to P126 (60A). At 90 grams, the P126 can easily be installed in PCB applications in any orientation. A sealed chamber for both contacts and coil assures clean switching in any environment. Safe make and break power switching can be achieved at any voltage up to 1200 V dc. With bi-directional switching capability and current carry to 60 A, the MiniTACTOR™ is the perfect choice for pre-charge, charge and solar applications. The P126 MiniTACTOR™ is the noted solution for compliance with solar energy requirements under NEC 690.11 and NEC 690.12.



Added function


Auxilary contact


Coil Voltage

12VDC; 24VDC; 48VDC

Contact config

Normally open (NO)

Continuous current


Max current


Mechanical cycles




Product sheet



Gigavac is a part of the leading company Sensata Technologies renowned for its expertise in manufacturing high-performance,
high-voltage contactors and relays. Founded on a commitment to innovation and quality, Gigavac's products are in high demand
across a wide spectrum of industries, including heavy vehicles, aerospace, automotive, and renewable energy.
Gigavac's high voltage switching solutions are engineered to meet the most demanding requirements, ensuring dependable and
efficient operation even in the harshest environments. 

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