Huba 560 - den optimale trykksensoren for kjølemedier

Huba 560 is a high-performance pressure sensor specifically designed for use with refrigerants. It has a welded construction that provides a hermetic seal, and each pressure sensor is tested during production in a helium leakage test.

In order to easily identify different pressure ranges, there is the option to have two different colors on the connectors. The pressure sensor also comes with a copper tube for solder connection, and the sensor has high pressure resistance which increases the safety of your design.

  • 100% leakage control of helium during production.
  • Due to the hermetic seal does require any elastomer seals.
  • Classified according to DIN EN 60335-2-40.
  • It has a burst pressure of 6x full measurement range and a maximum pressure of 3x full measurement range.


You can read more about the product here: Huba 560