Baaske Medical

Medical Computer Hardware
Clinics and physicians may combine active medical products for the purpose of self-production according to §12 MPG (German Act on Medical Devices). In many cases modern IT will have to be applied to achieve this. The Baaske Medical GmbH & Co.KG is specializes in products and solutions round about the topic of Medical Keyboards & Mice | Medical PCs | Medical Displays | Network isolators | Isolation transformer or medical grade power strips. Components and systems are tested for use in the patient environment by Baaske Medical. We provide the complete product portfolio of medical information technology in combination with electrical safety according to latest medical standards. Our aim is to service medical facilities such as hospitals, clinics and doctors' offices, as well as to suppliers, retailers and manufacturers, who are engaged in medical information technology. The products of Baaske Medical are conducive for electrically secure information technology in patient environments.

You are looking for powerful medical PCs | Medical Displays | Network isolators | Isolation transformers or medical grade power strips? We deliver the right solution to your system.